Orders during the Covid-19 pandemic

During these difficult times we are still taking and posting out orders. At present the post office is still shipping packages to most countries but there are some countries that are not allowing packages to enter due to the pandemic. Packages that usually take 3-4 days to arrive in Europe now take longer up to 2 weeks to arrive. Orders to North America may taken even longer.

At present ONLY the following countries are accepting packages from other foreign countries. If your country of residence does not appear on the following list then at present we are unable to ship Merch to you via normal means (post office / Correos)


Belgium – Brazil

Canada –  China  – Columbia

France – Finland 


Holland – Hungary

India – Ireland – Israel – Italy



South Korea  – Sweden- Switzerland 

United Kingdom (UK) – USA 

As all the printers are closed, we will not be printing or releasing our new designs until after things have returned to ‘normal’.

Be safe and be well.

All the best,

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